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Krypts – Open The Crypt [Demo]

krypts – open the crypt [demo]

Old school death metal is hip these days and shitloads of new bands pop up every day. Finland seems to have its fair share as well with bands like Vorum and Stench Of Decay and now also Krypts. However, I have to say that Krypts seems to be the one new old school band which comes very fucken close to the sound of those golden days. Really, from the crunchy guitar chainsaw sound, the bad ass riffs, the awesome lead guitar work, the lengthy songs, the overall slow pace and the gruffy grunt it all sounds authentic as fuck. Job well done!

I checked the other bands from these guys but I definitely think Krypts has the most potential. The way they manage to create groovy, catchy songs with splendid old school riff work and magnificent guitar leads which avoid the usual Slayer-esque leadwork but actually add to the overall atmosphere is simply admirable.

With such a strong first demo I wonder how these guys are going to top this! But these 4 songs are forever immortalized as some of the best old school death from recent years. Hell, I think a band like Blood Bath is overrated and Krypts simply owns that so-called all-star band. Highly recommended! (Saldiac)