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Krypts – Remnants of Expansion

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Well, I really hope you’ve taken some lessons or crash course on Speleology, because it will be extremely useful! As soon as you start the experience of listening to the new Krypts album, you will find yourself lost in the deepest cave known to mankind, so deep there’s only darkness around you and the weirdest, strangest and dangerous creatures you could possibly imagine. “Remnants of Expansion” is a cavernous record. Krypts are known to play the most suffocating death metal you can find and this last album is a natural sequel of their previous full length (2013’s “Unending Degradation”, also on Dark Descent Records in a collaboration with Me Saco Un Ojo and Detest Records). The addition of Jukka Aho as a second guitarist helped turn Krypts sound into something even denser than what were all accustomed to (please, make sure you check his other band Gorephilia as well. Thank me later). The (now again, complete) quartet from Finland deliver five great tracks, which cannot be taken apart from each other. This is an album as it is supposed to be: something that needs to be listened to from beginning to end without a single pause. It opens with a (close-to) 11-minute track, introducing the listener to the overall atmosphere of the whole abyssal album and continues the exploration of your worst nightmare on the darkest of caves with the remaining four tracks, with a total of a little more than 30 minutes. Which is the perfect timing, or else I think a lot of us wouldn’t survive the frightening experience. Perfect album. A clear improvement on this band’s music! You can listen to it on Dark Descent’s Bandcamp page where you can find several physical formats to please the most demanding death metal fan. (Antonio)

Dark Descent Records

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