Extreme Metal Fanzine est. 2012

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Crépuscule d’Hiver – Songes Hérétiques [Demo]

crépuscule d’hiver – songes hérétiques [demo]

At first Stuurm von Winterdämmerung has a Dungeon Synth project called Gargoylium but he also wanted to create Black Metal in the old medieval glory style, so he decided to create a new project called Crépuscule d’Hiver, as it is, in his own words, an entity in its own. Stuurm mentions the old Norwegian scene with names like Wallachia, Ancient and Ragnarok as his main influences.

Not far off but with all his synth experience, the instrument has a prominent part in the music of Crépuscule d’Hiver. I think if you mix Summoning’s “Lugburz” and “Minas Morgul” with the demo of Wallachia and bits of Ragnarok’s “Nattesferd” concerning some up-tempo ideas, you have a direction of “Songes Hérétiques”. Certainly not a bad demo at all, it just misses a couple of hooks that keeps me from being really enthusiastic about it. (Ricardo)