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Black Mass Pervertor – Lux Sodomiticum [EP]

black mass pervertor – lux sodomiticum [ep]

“Lux Sodomiticum” is the last release from the Finnish Black Mass Pervertor to date, a band or project formed by Rami Moilanen who is mostly known for his work in the Doom Metal band Fall Of The Idols.

Black Mass Pervertor’s brand of self-described sinister and rotten Black Metal/Punk has led since 2007 to a handful of EP’s and demo’s and even a 2016 full length on Barbarian Wrath. Whereas this “Phanerosis” album from 2016 was full of ugly, vile and fast blast beat propelled Black/Crust/Punk explosions, the 2020 “Lux Sodomiticum” EP is a more mature – both in sound & arrangements.

The typical Finnish sound of old has partly been replaced by a heavier and more pronounced sound. The Black Metal influences are still present, so are the Punk influences yet the songs have become more menacing and darker.

On this new 2020 EP I hear Darkthrone influences à la “Arctic Thunder”, I can hear the monumental Crust riffing of an Amebix and even the doom-ish crunch from a latter day Blut Aus Nord.

In all, a nice and noteworthy progression. No longer relying on sheer violence, but on atmosphere. A job well-done I’d say.

And those of you, who already digged the 2018 “Life Beyond the Walls of Flesh” EP on Blood Harvest, don’t need to hesitate this time.

Black Mass Desecrator’s material can be heard on their Bandcamp site or on YouTube. (LCF)