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Smash Potater – The EP [EP]

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Smash Potater have been around since 2010 and appeared on my radar because of an Exodus cover on their first demo. A rather good and even faster version version with mediocre vocals comparable to the earliest Lich King releases but nevertheless very energetic performance by this young new band. On their next releases, besides their own original work, we could find more covers of Tankard, M.O.D. and Suicidal Tendencies and so it may be clear what’s inspiring these young dogs.And here is their first EP containing only their own originals,and it turns out Smash Potator still lacks a bit in the compositional department to unleash a fully convincing release. The boys can play, it all sounds dynamic, varied and especially the comical cliché lyrics are hit and miss all over in true crossover tradition. As a whole, however, these guys are not in the same league as those two other modern bands which they resemble most, namely Lich King and Municipal Waste. Nevertheless quite an entertaining EP and especially the self-titled anthem Smash Potater is here to stay. (Isaak)