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Nekrohowl – Nekrohowl [Demo]

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Sadistic Death Metallers Nekrohowl hailing from Bangladesh and they have independently released their self titled debut rehearsal demo “Nekrohowl”. With vision and spirit to create aural madness in the uncanniest path of legendary 90’s era Death Metal ; they took inspiration from the genre pioneers like Suffocation, Immolation, Sinister and thus captured four raw, viscous and relentless howl of unadulterated insanity. This demo contains three original tracks as “Mortal Incubation”, “Sadist Slaughterous”, “Banishment Bringer” and a Suffocation cover “Infecting the crypts”. From the opening you could sense the inherent energy and cohesive assault these sadistic merchants tried to grab in their debut offering. While “Mortal Incubation” ramped up the course for an unraveling nekro journey, Sadist will put you in merciless slaughter mood and finally inescapable Banishment will come forth to claim all week souls. This ripping demo ends with a finely executed cover from mighty Suffocation; this classic cover proves what these guys are capable of and they certainly paid a brilliant tribute to the elder gods of brutality; just play it and gets infected. Considering that it’s a rehearsal demo but the raw, gritty intensity of overall sound, thickness of tonality, iron hammering bass rumbling, crafty battery pounding and punishing vocal delivery showed that these metallers are bonded by pure guile and passion to play uncompromising death metal of old spirit. Total praise to their debut effort and hope they keep unleashing more nekrohowling assault in the upcoming days. Contact Nekrohowl at nekrohowl@gmail.com to get this demo. (Rocky)