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Ignominia – Falsa Divinidad [EP]

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Some good old death metal from South America, Chile to be exact. These men have been spreading their blasphemy since 2000, starting under the monicker of Haunted Christians, but changed the name to Ignominia in 2003. After releasing two demos they released this EP, filled with blasphemous old school death metal, with more than just a hint of thrash. At times they remind me of Incubus (the one with the Howard brothers), with the pace changes, sometimes neckbreaking speed and frantic vocals. The lyrics are in their native tongue, but with titles like ‘Visión Blasfema’ and ‘Asesino’, you can get the direction in which they are heading, lyrically. Pay extra attention to ‘Formula de muerte’, with its haunting midtempo parts and Slayer-like leads and riffing. I dig the sound, has that underground feel with good crunching guitars, although some details of the drums get a little lost in the mix every now and then. Nevertheless, certainly a good effort, although I would expect a little more than four songs (and one intro) if you’ve been around since at least 2003. And I would advise them to pay a little more attention to the songwriting. On some occasions it sounds like they just stuck af few cool riffs together, ofcourse that doesn’t necessarily make it a good song. It’s impossible to say if Ignominia will catch a bigger break anywhere in the future, but I do take a liking to this self financed EP, and I hope maybe a label will pick these guys up. (Stijn)