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The Fog – Perpetual Blackness

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Germany may add a new talented band to their list of metal acts! The Fog was able to reincarnate old school doom/death metal with this debut album titled ‘Perpetual Blackness’. Stunning and promising, vicious, cold and very deep is the sound of this three headed band. Most tracks are executed in a mid tempo version and sporadic changes between slow, deeper parts of doom like in the good old days. Yes, I don’t think many bands are able to create this kind of doom metal where death metal aspects take a prominent role in the music! The atmosphere that’s been created is very vile and there are lot’s of great rhythm guitar riffs to discover on this debut album. Some occasional d-beats and blasts are inserted between the 7 different tracks, but I don’t miss the absence at all, so that says enough I suppose. The intense vocals complete the instrumental parts what makes this an album of high standard! This album is an enormous surprise and fans of doom/death from the first hour like bands as Asphyx and old Celtic Frost won’t be able to resist this one! I’m blown away and that’s been a while ago…two thumbs up! Their future looks promising with this first release I can guarantee! (Fredde)

The Fog

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