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The Rite – The Brocken Fires [EP]

the rite – the brocken fires [ep]

Happy 2020 everyone. Hope the year is filled with promise, hope, and Devil worshipping. That’s what I’m doing anyways. Take it back all the way to 2018 to review the new EP by the mighty demons themselves The Rite.

Release through Iron Bonehead these European sinners bring us their first ep drenched in satanism and some very good riffs. Hit immediately in the face with a, “Prayer to Satan” and right into “A pack with hell” a doom ridden slow dredge through the murky depths sliding into grooves making our head nod. A moderate amount of blasts keep this trek rounded out even if sometimes it seems a little long winded but when it comes back around it feels so right.

“The Brocken Fires” and then right into “Heed the Devil’s call” show us some versatility and keep it the same kind of mid paced blasts and riffs throughout with some damn good catchy stuff that is surely to keep you sucked in and a sick cover of “Acid Orgy” from Goatlord. Clocking in a 26 minutes this well written ep shows a lot of promise from these guys. Really curious if these guys can take a leap to underground kings like a band like Impure did with the whole 90’s worship as far as production and riffs go. Solid outing. (ThatAstronautGuy)