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Grave Spirit – The Beast Unburdened By Flesh [EP]

grave spirit – the beast unburdened by flesh [ep]

Out of nowhere with a minimum of information the Grave Spirit has risen. „The Beast Unburdened By Flesh“ is their debut EP and it sound not as typical as it might sound when reading the band name. These guys took some of the slower sections of Mortuary Drape with a portion of black/punk the old way to create an interesting formula of black metal that sounds old but fresh in the same time. The production is more on the rawer, natural side with enough punch without burying everything in the mix. Sadly only 2 tracks but makes it worth a listen. After a few listen I wanted to hear more so I think it works in their favour. There is truly some potential here but only time will tell which direction they will choose. No hooks or ultra-catchy stuff here but well executed Black Metal invocations for the dark souls. Keep it going. (DPF)