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Witchbones – The Seas of Draugen

witchbones – the seas of draugen

Hailing from Oregon, United States; Witchbones is a one man Black/Death project that has come up with eight releases in 2019. Pretty prolific act for sure, their latest offering “The Seas of Draugen” is a spine-chilling record that contains seven ghastly numbers.

Vardlokker, the one and only man behind this project, demonstrated his mastery with horrifyingly low-pitched growls and ice-cold guitar riffs. Listening to this album make you imagine a swarm of evil spirits hovering around you that are caused by the dark and spooky tunes. A doomish atmosphere was maintained throughout the songs, especially with the frightening and necrotic riffings.

For musical similarity, bands like Hellfire Deathcult, Wrathprayer, Beherit, and Demoncy’s “Joined in Darkness” album can be referred. A concluding remark on Witchbones would be its composition is neither original nor unique, but Black/Death devotees won’t find its releases uninteresting in most cases.  (Osmani)