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Martyrdoom – As Torment Prevails

martyrdoom – as torment prevails


Martyrdoom here are back again after a long six years of silence with their fantastic sophomore full-length album ‘As Torment Prevails’, which we will discuss here shortly. But first, let us talk about this band’s life previous to this release, a bio so to say, before we really get into the real nitty gritty of what a review should really be.

Starting out their life, they had called themselves Deathlust back in the year of 2010 but quickly, in the very same year, changed their name to this current iteration we see before us. Then in 2012 Martyrdoom took place in a split album with Ezkaton and just shortly let into the next year, 2013, we got their first demo with ‘Twisted Perversions’. Four years later we saw the fabulous debut full-length album in ‘Grievous Psychosis’ but now, in 2023, we have before us full-length album number two, of which we are taking a look at here.

‘As Torment Prevails’ is an amalgamation of Death/Doom Metal that could only be described as it being truly in the style of a everything and the kitchen sink approach. Where every delectable aspect of Death Metal is thrown at the mix and it all seems to fall in to place perfectly, absolutely just right where it does. But if I were to put it in terms of a comparison aspect I would say that this album sounds like a mix of Asphyx, Hail of Bullets and Kataklysm, all mixed with the early days of Death Metal where the Punk and Thrash roots absolutely shine through immensely.

As terms of overall sound, the production sound of ‘As Torment Prevails’ sounds absolutely amazing. With a modern style approach to the clarity of this album but not to the point of causing sterility. There is still a feeling and essence of atmosphere to the proceedings that thankfully still hovers and oozes all over every inch of this album. So, a clear, modern sound that still incorporates that atmosphere that we all love and need.

This is honestly a great fucking album. While being based in the Death/Doom Metal camp there is also plenty of other aspects tucked in here and there to keep you digging and hold your interest. Meaning that you can listen to ‘As Torment Prevails’ as many times as you like and you will never get bored, there is always something new to find or just something old and good that makes your head move. The true test of any really good album is relistenablility and ‘As Torment Prevails’ has that in spades. Recommended listening for sure.

Memento Mori

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