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Kurnugia – Forlorn and Forsaken

kurnugia – forlorn and forsaken


Two EP’s and one split release later, time has come for the debut full-length titled “Forlorn and Forsaken” from the American Death Metal band Kurnugia. Old school yet brutal Death Metal is what keeps these guys going, where lots of band references are audible. Take Dismember, Grave, …, the more Swedish approach (but mixed along with some American flavor) and add a great vocal and some crazy and fresh riffs to the global sound and you’ll find yourself a very decent Death Metal album with old school feelings. No overload of technical showcase, but simple and pointy tracks that make your Death Metal intake satisfied. Some tracks really are bold and massive, where “Crown of Suffer”, headcrusher  “All Consuming Grief” and “Shroud of Damnation” take the cake for me. Tracks “Decaying Sadness” and “Thy Sanguine Altar” are also interesting cause they switch between great riffs but also some slower ones that keeps the entire track balanced to keep the attention of the listeners the entire song.

Vocalist Paul Gorefiend has an excellent Death Metal grunt and scream that gives you the shivers, but also the guitarists are top notch, along with the drums that does a great performance! Yep, this album counts and is recommended especially for the 90’s Death Metal lovers! (Fredde)


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