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The Rite – Liturgy of the Black

the rite – liturgy of the black


What is there not to like about Satanism mixed with a little bit of Blackened/Doom? That’s all we get here with the new album from the maniacs in The Rite! Hailing from Denmark and all the way over to Italy this is their debut full-length, “Liturgy of the Black”, released by Iron Bonehead Productions preaching the good word of Satan!

10 tracks of unholy worship that doesn’t shy from the subject matter giving you all of the Satan worship you can hope for while listening to a Death Metal record. That’s another thing here, I classified them in the previous paragraph “Blackened/Doom” and while those are certainly present I would definitely say this has a ton of Death Metal elements.

Tracks like, “Children of Belial” , “The Bornless One”, and, “The Black Effigy” show off a lot of that Death Metal elements that I mentioned whereas the evil slower tunes like, “Necromancy” and “Echoes of Past Lives” gives us more of a ominous take to their songwriting with big open riffs with layered evil guitars filling out the space in-between.

All in all I think this is an extremely solid debut for these guys and it’s not like they’re rookies either. Their background is extensive hailing from other bands like Denial of God, Morbus Grave, and Black Oath to name a few. These guys know how to write a riff and damnit there is plenty to take in here. If you’re a fan of bands like Impure, Beherit, or Profanatica you’re going to be really into this.  (ThatAustronautGuy)

The Rite

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Iron Bonehead Productions

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