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Hellehond – Verslonden

hellehond – verslonden

One of the albums I was eagerly waiting for is finally here. Ladies and gentleman, necrophilios  and necrophilias, satan worshippers and darkness lurkers, to them who prefer the dead to the living and to thee who prefer the moon to the sun…I present thee…”Verslonden”.

I can imagine I’m tickling your curiosity and desire a bit and let you think that the Black Metal played by Hellehond is so fuckin’ special and that it is unique of its kind. The first one who is ever done this kind of music. Mind blowing even! No, it is not. But is fuckin’ well played with the right spirit!

As said in my review of their 2 track rehearsal you will hear Black Metal from the days of yore as Hellehond plays in the vein of Samael’s “Worship Him”, Hellhammer, early Mayhem and Burzum’s “Det Som Engang Var” / “Hvis lyset tar oss” with a slightly bleak yet clear sound that fits like a glove. You can say that you want to play in a certain vein like certain bands…or you just do it. The guitar has that typical repetitive riffs and feedback sound, the bass roars, the drums are pounding like stripped bones on the skulls of thy enemies and the vocals are sinister raspy and spewing black bile.

Non-fashionable Black Metal in an uncompromising way, that is what Hellehond is all about. May the Hounds of Hell devour you… (Ricardo)