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Deprive – Temple of the lost wisdom

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Some albums deserves long and intricated listening’s sometimes…otherwise sometimes this happens: push play button and the beginning of this album reminded me one band: Katatonia! NO..the true , real Katatonia of the early days, times before Brave Murder Day…asphyxiating melodies mixed with a growling and obscure vocals that embrace the listeners to a world of emptiness and pain…this kind of music is not easy, it’s not thrash or death metal straight to the ears…simply for those vintage minds who are always captured by the incredible mood and lamentations of My dying Bride or old Paradise Lost of 1990 era, with a heavy touch of Death Metal, massive guitars to create a wall of crushing sound. After some demos and a 1st full length album released by the Spanish label Memento Mori, the mastermind behind this project had something more to explore: impressive, dark but yet melodic, this is the Metal of Death meeting doomish and relentless atmospheres. A nice album, impressive and musically speaking…perfect!!!I honestly never followed previous band’s orks, but I must admit that all here sounds so grim and mysterious…a real “back to the 1992”!!!! Sounds are mixed together in a perfect way , I love the sound of drums so true and massive; growls always give you a sense of drama in the polluted air, not theatrical…pain and fear are your only companions here!!! Raul from Memento Mori knows his work and he owns many talented bands…Deprive are one of those. I warn you all: take some minutes and drown into the dark and morbid mood of the album,the heavy guitars are marvellous, you are swallowed by every single note cause what you hear it’s true, a real work made with passion for a metal genre that sometimes is left alone in a corner. (Cris Pervertor)