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The Gates Of Sinn – The Great Sabbath [Demo]

the gates of sinn – the great sabbath [demo]

This demo begins with one of thé utmost beautiful intros ever conceived: celestial soundtrack-like religious choral parts swell into ecstasy, a priest trying to exorcise a demon (?), only to by mocked by the repetition of his Holy words by a coarse demonic voice…So beautiful, so divine.

And then: a slab of primitive satanic Black Metal, full of heavy rumbling bass, thundering repetitive hammering drums and rudimentary, yet effective guitars bursts through your speakers. A rotten, slimy voice utters sacrileges of the worst kind.  And everything turns black before your eyes. What do The Gates of Sinn sound like? Well … think of Profanatica & Havohej and you’re there. Although I must admit The Gates of Sinn are a bit more dynamic.

You know what you’re getting yourself into with The Gates of Sinn. 5 tracks of disgusting satanic Black Metal. Not original? Who gives a flying fuck anyway? Just give it a listen. (LV)