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Pestilength – Demo MMXIX [Demo]

pestilength – demo mmxix [demo]


I first had some sort of contact with this project a few days ago through a video on social media. I gladly accepted the task to hear the music and write a few words about it. Pestilength is a Basque Hollow Death Metal band. At first I was a put back a bit, as Death Metal is a genre I do not listen to, but I gave it a go and went ahead. Turns out this Death Metal sounds has a lot more to it.

Spain has been, in the last years, the birthplace of some excellent bands such as Teitanblood, who were also able to fuse sounds and influences and came up with that Hell of a Ghoulish Specter. Pestilength presents a very refined Beast, a much dynamic fusion of Ambiance and Wrath. Not as chaotic as the aforementioned comrades in arms, Pestilength are owners of a more controlled Hell. The line between this Death Metal sound and Black Metal is very thin, mainly due to the setting the band creates that does not fall in one single genre.

“Layering Continuum Unfleshing” is Death Metal, period. Devastating guitar riffs, tremendous drumming, the vocals come from the bottomless pits of Hell. It is a very much straightforward song, with all the elements that make this a Death Metal song. No, do not think of bands like Morbid Angel or Autopsy, just to name two. Think more, and I will repeat the name, of Teitanblood or Grave Miasma or even Necros Christos. This is a Death Metal infused band that spread its tentacles and absorbed bits and pieces of other Extreme Metal genres. A very well crafted Beast. The slower parts, the intense mid-paced moments that resonate in your mind almost like a mesmerizing mantra. “Witnere” is a lengthy track, almost 9 minutes long.

During those 9 min we are offered growling vocals and a mix of slow punitive and wild heavy drummings. The guitar guides the melody and its sometimes repetitive assembly crafts an almost absorbing setting. The vocals, somewhat “lost” in the back, haunt the listener with such easiness, that one can almost feel that little demons crawl into his body and possess his being.

I take this music more as a Ritual Chant than just a Death Metal song. A Pathway to a Darker and Colder home. A Venomous Breath. A Raw and Necro Scent of Death, of Blood and Burnt Flesh. 2019 will see the birth of Pestilength’s Demo through Iron Bonehead, a label more than adequate for the band’s sound and a driving force in today’s extreme metal scene, the best home for such a release.

Pestilength has arrived, embrace the Gloomy Thunderous Specter of Demise. (DanielP)

Pestilength are a band/project from Basque Country, Spain. They’ve released a one track CD-R prior to this release.

This 2 track demo actually starts with that song, “Layering Continuum Unfleshing”. A mastodon of thick impregnable  layers of guitars, Ritualistic Industrial-like martial percussion and a tormented twisted sick voice that emerges from the deepest circle of Hell itself, desperately trying to break free from the audial swamp of desolation. The music does have its softer passages or interludes however these only escalate into another wave of audial terror, as can be heard on “Witnere” … The vocals range from rasping to bellowing animalistic roars on this one.

In all, Pestilength paint a gloomy, dismal soundscape where only the darkest species can dwell. Personally – I find it a killer demo – crafted and conjured for those noise mongers amongst you maniacs. Don’t take my words for granted – listen to it yourself?

A pity it’s only a 2-tracker. This kind of monumental black madness simple asks for more. (LV)



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