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Infernal Curse – Revelations Beyond Insanity

infernal curse – revelations beyond insanity


It has been about ten years ago since Infernal Curse first crossed my path, back then it was the also Iron Bonehead Productions released ‘The End Upon Us’-12” EP. It presented a band that went under my radar for a good couple of years since their inception in 2008. Yet, it also presented a band that was straight up my alley: quite rough and unpolished Blackened Death Metal with a thorough Doomy touch. Now, about a decade and a handful of releases later the Argentinians present their third album, again through their long-term home of Iron Bonehead Productions.

Over those last few years the band has developed into a real juggernaut of dark and haunting Death Metal, the musical course has changed very little but while listening to ‘Revelations Beyond Insanity’ it is clear that they have just refined their craft. Although a word like “refined” sounds very much misplaced when it comes to the brutal and thunderous character of the music, it is as exquisite as any of the band’s prime musical examples. Speaking of which, on ‘Revelation Beyond Insanity’ the band lost a little of its doomy nature, making them sound pretty much somewhere between later Behexen and a band like Proclamation, sporting the same sort of dark brutality of the Finns and the utter pummelling barbarism of the Spaniards.

However, when the band slows down, like on the great and dragging ‘Church Of Perversity’, the doom and gloom still shines through. This is a track that allows the album to sound a little more diverse, very much deepening its darkest parts as well as its compelling dynamism. That is also where the “refining” part comes to the fore, but let’s just call it “perfecting” instead, to avoid any ambiguity: Infernal Curse offers a more mature sound in a musical landscape that is characterized by its thoroughly limited sense of creativity.

Aficionados of the better primitive Black/Death Metal can once again indulge themselves with ‘Revelations Beyond Insanity’, and for those who have had this Argentine band in their sights for some time, they will note that the band is not yet done further developing and “perfecting” their ferocious and dark art.

Iron Bonehead Productions

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