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Celestial Grave – Secular Flesh

celestial grave – secular flesh

Well fuck…3rd review so far and wouldn’t you know it…another Finnish band,ha, who seemingly want to keep their identities a mystery.

The album clocks in at a little over 31 minutes with 4 tracks of raw, distant and cold Black Metal with vocals so tortured, you can instantly tell the intent is authentic. Through the thick fog like production, you can clearly here the top notch musicianship. I do here, time to time, a certain Death Metal musically to it, but no bones about it, this is fucking Black Metal!

In fact, this is forward thinking Black Metal. And don’t get me confused here with “hipster” postshoegazevikingrock shit, haha, I mean forward thinking ideas musically that add to the whole atmosphere of the album. Many great riffs to be found here.

There are a lot of things going on here musically…slow, brooding parts with seethingly hateful vocals to fast, raw, painfully executed parts creating, to me 4 parts that are actually 1 long piece if you ask me. I felt compelled to listen to this a few times all the way through and felt it was a better listen than just a song or 2. Again, I can’t stress enough…..this is a very, uniquely fucked , dead, and rotting piece of Black Fucking Metal! Contact Iron Bonehead or your favorite filth dealer and get this mindfuck of an album…

On a side note…the art clearly represents the album perfectly…vivid, yet blurry and dreary. (LOD666)