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Dementia 13 – Ways of Enclosure

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Now it’s time to travel to Lusitanian lands and take a look at the latest offering from Portuguese death metal trio Dementia 13 and their debut album called “Ways of Enclosure” which has just been released by the Spain based label Memento Mori Recs. This work captures your attention from the very first moment given the cool cover and artwork design, pretty much into this classic 90s type of Horror Movies approach…sober but creepy at the same time, really cool the first visual contact but now let’s go the music…Dementia 13 plays a very killer form of Death Metal pretty influenced by the US gods Disincarnate (Dreams of the Carrion Kind) and all time classic Death (Leprosy)…yes…such a wonderful mix of elements with crunchy riffs over and over and accompanied by complex guitar solos where you hear two different guitars harmonizing. For the ones who know a bit more about these matters…5th Minus seems to be a trademark for this band…which I think is cool because that element always add certain morbid texture. The whole thing has 9 tunes and over 40 minutes of continuous worshiping to the classic vision of Floridian death, there are also plenty of horror samples all over the record…which reminded me those classics items that still prevail timeless such as…Impetigo, Blooduster (Fisting the Dead) or even Meatshits. With that said, we can say Dementia 13 is like a gory version of Disincarnate and Death…do I need to say more???. Production wise, very balanced mix, strong bad ass guitars tones, deep bass attack adding heaviness to the overall proposal and over the top…really killer lower grasp death metal voices…by the way…an element to consider is that the vocalist is a session member…hope he reconsiders staying in the band because matches perfectly with the music. So that’s it…pretty remarkable release from Memento Mori again, totally recommended for fans of above mentioned bands…”Ways of Enclosure”…one of those really impressive albums that appear from time to time. (Master Butcher)

Dementia 13

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