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Intolerance – Dark Paths of Humanity

intolerance – dark paths of humanity


Hailing from Spain and beginning their Death Metal onslaught since 2015, Intolerance currently has a demo, an EP and now their debut release ‘Dark Paths of Humanity’.

The first song ‘Embodiment of Chaos’ begins with an eerie feeling drawing you in while you wait and wonder what approaches in the darkness. At this point it gave me a hint of an older style Bolt thrower sound but with a more melancholy vibe with it instead.

With thunderous double bass drums flowing at a mid-pace and accompanied by heavy tremolo riffing on the guitars and guttural screams of angst, this is a common theme throughout most of this release. However, there are also slow heavy segments of a gritty nature that reveal the obscurities within this Death Metal monster we are dealing with here. It is also not long until all hell breaks loose into a charge where the battle takes place laying waste to all in its dark path.

Overall, the eight songs within this carry a very heavy old school style and simple approach to the writing but with a very effective one at the same time. For me, everything tends to draw me in and keep me interested while I am captivated by the darkness surrounding it all.

From start to finish, “Dark Paths of Humanity” presents itself as a classic Death Metal sound that is heavily influenced from the bands of thirty plus years ago. Bands like Bolt Thrower with a hint of Incantation comes to mind. Intolerance is keeping the old school alive and well with dignity. This band was both a new discovery for me but something to add to my growing death metal collection as well.

For fans of this genre, I highly recommend this!

Godz Ov War Productions

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