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Gorgosaur – Lurking Among Corpses

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So, Gorgosaur. Let’s analyse this: If you wanted to make a list of necessary ingredients for a great dose of Swedish old-school death metal, you would have to add the traditional HM-2 buzzsaw sound (check), an amazing cover art (check, by none other than Mark Riddick), a heavy dose of old-school death metal influences (check), a great label supporting them (check again) and a great group of musicians to put all this on record (check… wait? They’re only two and they still manage to comply with all of the above?). Yep, that’s right! Gorgosaur is a TWO PIECE band from Malmö, Sweden (where else?), which basically do an amazing job on everything a complete death metal band has to have! Åsa Hagström (RazorRape, ex-Nekroskop) takes care of guitars, bass and vocals and Martin Schönherr (RazorRape, Virgin Sin, ex-Nekroskop among others) is in charge of vocals and drums. Hmmm, wait a minute? Two vocalists? Oh yeah!! That the biggest originality of Gorgosaur and it fits brilliantly on the overall Swedish sound! What a great work this band has done! The album is great and full of energy from start to finish. There’s not a single boring moment and everything seems to fit perfectly! Clearly, those two are not rookies on the art and they proved it with their debut album! So, expect music that will satisfy any honest Swedish old-school death metal fan. For fans of Nihilist, Carnage, Dismember and early Entombed. What are you waiting for? Go grab a copy! (Antonio)