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Pa Vesh En – Maniac Manifest

pa vesh en – maniac manifest


Black Metal might be the most subversive genre within the Heavy Metal universe. Its almost visceral desire to remain pure and honest to the premises by which the Old Ones guided their creative standards, deserves our complete respect, I dare say.

Unfortunately, the genre has, at the same time, been overtaken by a massive wave of more recent fans. And why do I say unfortunately? Well, this might come out as slightly (a lot) arrogant, but I do not care, and I reckon no one those. Black Metal goes beyond the musical expression, and I do feel that this is the guideline by which an artist must design his creative process. Nonetheless, it is true that many Black Metal musicians / artists to take their craft seriously to the point of embodying the genre.

Well, not embody, but absorb its scents and poisons. Pa Vesh En, from Belarus, is one of those entities that struck the underground like a lightning when it first surfaced in 2017. The scene was already on fire, and more gasoline was thrown into the fire. Quite the “mess”. Pa Vesh En’s vision of Black Metal is a quite harsh and cold one.

Its almost industrial elements have always put me off, I do have to be open and honest. I am very picky with my Black Metal, and know how I need it to sound (I believe it to be more of a need, than a childish desire), and Pa Vesh En has never given me that chill, that scare… The artist does have exquisite moments, but overall, I cannot find that piece that impacts on me.

Risking being lynched, I find it to be monotonous. Dark and depressive atmospheres, raw cutting melodies, possessed vocals and icy riffs, but it simply does not do it for me. “In the Wood of Hanged Men” has a very, very good guitar riff that lingers throughout the almost complete extension of the song, and it works quite well. One other aspect that I cannot wrap my head around, is the fact that the tracks cannot seem to “fit” in each other.

Ok, I do now want an album to sound like a very long song, but I want some balance (maybe not the best choice of word). I know you understand my point. Pa Vesh En has been blowing people’s minds with his music (or maybe her), and it has quality, otherwise Iron Bonehead Productions would have never picked it up. “Spellbound by the Witchmoon” is an ode to the 90s, correct?! That riff would fit, in my opinion… great track! Again, it differs from previous tracks (although I do love the atmosphere the artist created) … beautifully disgusting.

While I have not been caught in its dark wave, the World seems to prove me wrong. Mistaken I might be. (DanielP)

Iron Bonehead Productions

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