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Blaspherian – Upon the Throne…of Eternal Blasphemous Death [EP]

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The 7” vinyl – EP release from the American death metal band Blaspherian, which only will be set to a maximum of 1000 copies, will be release at the end of November. Two tracks are audible titled “Awakened Into Impious Absolvement” (side A) and “Phoenix of Uncreation” (side B). The opener begins with some threatening start that gets over into a more doomy sound. This song continues to go on into some kind of death metal sound with a big doom mix in it. After a while the aggression comes up and then these Americans show they’ve got something in their sleeves! The drum parts are prominent audible and seem to set the tempo in this track. The vocals are somewhat dark and absolutely the opposite of understandable, but fits well with this type of music. The second track doesn’t have such an intro, but begins with a drum solo to immediately go over in the line of the first track, death and doomy. The vocals are more paced and slow in the beginning, but then again drummer Matt Mayhem (like that name!) sets off a faster tempo and the rest has to follow. With a length of only 12 minutes I’m eager to hear more, so that’s a good thing when having that feeling. Nice EP and a said above: be quick, because only 1000 copies will be available!! If they can bring that level on a future full-length, it would be positive. (Fredde)