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Slægt – Beautiful and Damned [EP]

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What a pleasant surprise, this EP of Slaegt! In January of 2015 they released a full-length called “Ildsvanger” which was a bit of semi lo-fi rehearsal room grimness and raw Black Metal, which has more to do with an act like Judas Iscariot or Darkthrone’s “Transilvanian Hunger” than the Slaegt you will hear on this EP. You can hardly imagine it’s the same band, as the difference is immensely big. On “Beautiful and the Damned” you will experience all kind of melodic twists, heavy metal twin solos, pace changes and a far better production. I will ask you something which is maybe a bit of stretch or far out even, but imagine some melodic parts and guitar sound of Old Man’s Child’s “Pagan Prosperity” mix it with some riffs of Gospel of the Horns’ “Eve of the Conqueror” (the title track), add some ideas and twists of Tribulation’s “The Formulas of Death”, grab some of the heavy metal you hear on Demoniac’s “Stormblade” or the Bewitched albums…and you’re getting closer. But still not close enough. This is a must hear EP, not that the music the best I’ve ever heard, but you don’t hear this style very often and not that well performed. “Illdsvanger” was a fun album to listen to, but “Beautiful and the Damned” is without doubt a great one. Epic Heavy Black Metal, should that do the trick? Fuck it, I’m pushing repeat again…(Ricardo)