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Abhor / Abysmal Grief – Legione Occulta / Ministerium Diaboli [Split]

abhor / abysmal grief – legione occulta / ministerium diaboli [split]


Creeping crud! It’s alive! Two longtime Italian giallo metal entities on one horrifying split means one thing: a one-way trip to Creepsylvania! Purple is the only color your disoriented mind can take in. This is your worst nightmares all caught through music. And music is the reason I’ve awakened from my slumber…

First off on this 5 track zombified creature of horror, is Abhor, first vomiting forth a demo in 1998. With 7 full length and a cough and full of eps and splits, they are more steeped in a black metal Vibe than their counterparts in Abysmal Grief, though they certainly bring an aura similar to maybe Denial of God, Mortuary Drape, etc., mixed with the horror of Death SS. Out of the two bands, I have only within the last three to four years actually known of Abhor and am damn glad to have found them. They bring the skill, the horror, and most importantly great songwriting.

Okay, now will hurry out of that room as we were in grave Danger. What? Abysmal Grief is here and the doors just locked? We’re Doooooooooomed…….. actually, you are doomed as we have been waiting on you a long time….hahaha!!!!!! Seriously, like Bleeding Out serious, Abysmal Grief gives us a very haunting piece of, to me, cinematic ambient music for most of their side, building and building until the trademark infectious hook starts. With A.G. the keyboards are as vital any other instrument. It definitely brings the creepy vibe. The second track is pretty much a more metallic version of the first half but with torturous howls and screams, being really one long instru(mental). I believe if you fancy horror metal or Rock, This should fit nicely in your grave. Top-notch playing in one of the creepiest sounding bands out there, this is a gem. Not to mention the horror of Abhor. In this case, I got to say, buy or die!!! (LOD666)

Iron Bonehead Productions

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