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Black Cilice – Tomb Emanations [EP]

black cilice – tomb emanations [ep]


I have always looked at Black Cilice as being in a different level than most Raw Black Metal acts; Black Cilice plays in a league of their own, using Football language. That truth be told, Black Cilice does life in a dissimilar stage of creation. This is my perspective, and it is what it is. The fact that the mastermind behind it is Portuguese makes it a must praise act eheh!

Black Cilice has been going since 2009, and has put out, so far, 25 releases (Demos, EPS, Splits, Full-lengths, and Compilations). “Tomb Emanations” is his latest release after a Full-length that did not appeal to everyone… Black Cilice has that ability: his music is definitely not for everyone. Some acts you try, and try; some acts you end up enjoying a certain number of releases; Black Cilice is that sort of musician that took the premises of a genre, further.

Its walls of sound, vocals buried beneath the organized and planned destruction, those melodies that are as melancholic and a 90s classic, yet cold as fuck. The creative capacity this man has is immense, and these 2 songs showcase it perfectly. He has a sense of melody, of ambiance, that few have, and each one of his constructions is a step forward in his artistic growth. That first riff, on the first music, is marvelous! In a way, not many words are needed, or even able to putting down in paper.

Black Cilice is one complex creature, one highly well thought out entity, and it amazes me how he can remain so honest and fantastic. Fanboyish reaction?! I dare say not, but I do admit to having this sense of pride for the man’s work.

I reckon everyone in the Black Metal community is aware of Black Cilice, so no more words are needed: he did it again. Cannot wait for his next release. (DanielP)

Iron Bonehead Productions

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