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Messe Mortuaire – Nocturnal Demonic Visitation [EP]

messe mortuaire – nocturnal demonic visitation [ep]


From 1989 until 1993, there was Sepulchral; a Death Metal quartet from the French side of the border with Belgium who tore up graves and spouted putridity for the best part of four years before bringing the project to an end. Yet all was not dead, and life still remained in the Sepulchral carcass. And so it was that in 2015 that the embers of the band were re-stoked by two of the original members, and their prolific nature resumed once more. At some point after that the band had a reshuffle and re-emerged as what they are today; Messe Mortuaire, and last year they released their debut EP under this new identity on CD through Repulsive Echo Records. Entitled ‘Nocturnal Demonic Visitation’ and featuring three main tracks plus an intro and an outro, new life has been breathed into this release thanks to Iron Bonehead Productions who this year are unleashing the plague once more but on a smart looking LP.

‘Nocturnal Demonic Visitation’ begins with a clamour of church bells and a darkly eerie wailing before plunging headlong into the title track; a brutalizing rampage of cavernous, graveyard dwelling guitars, crypt lurking drumming and the seismic rumble of bass. Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Veneficus Anthropophagus doesn’t so much as growl into the microphone, as he does let an unhealthy and constant stream of pestilential, unearthly utterings loose into the world from whatever damned void they originated from. His and Rex Funebre’s axe wielding produces tantalizing bouts of bowel clenching morbidity and gloom, and the appalling, noxious atmosphere that they create coats everything in visceral, cloying misery!

In an odd move, the band seem to have named the third track after their bassist and founding member Vampyrum Spectrum, whilst the fourth track is named after the drummer. Style wise there is little to no difference from the previous track, save for the odd bout of faster paced savagery which sees the ghoul behind the kit, Filius Diaboli get a bit more of a work out. With the bands default setting being plodding rhythm with all the alacrity of a lava flow, I’d say that a twenty minute EP is just the right length for the bands style, as anything longer may out stay its welcome. As it is, this monolithic dose of Death Metal grinds along at its own lick, rearing up for a barbaric round of aggression when the mood takes it. As it happens, that’s how I like my Death Metal, so I highly recommend this grisly little treat!

Messe Mortuaire

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