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Abyssous – Mesa [EP]

abyssous – mesa [ep]

It`s not dead which can eternal lie…..Lovecraft was right. Abyssous from Germany, founded in 2011, released a demo “..Smouldering” in 2012, and with the same title the debut album in 2013, are back after a 5 year silence. The new EP “Mesa“ continues the chosen path of nightmarish Death Metal in the vein of the almighty Morbid Angel, the “Gateways..” era, mixed with a very slight amount of “Heretic”. The tunes are possessing creatures of the night, taking care of your mind and soul, disturbing your inner peace. The Death Metal tracks, alternating with some dark ambient pieces are phenomenal.

Altars from Australia called it`s quits too soon, but Abyssous will surely fill the gap the way or another. There are tribal drum sections with lava-paced riffs that are massive. Abyssous vary the speed ranging from doom to blastorgies, but always focusing on atmosphere. If this is the stuff you are looking for go and grab it as soon as it`s released. Welcome back. (DPF)