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Conjureth – The Parasitic Chambers

conjureth – the parasitic chambers


With this new full-length album the San Diego, Californaia, USA based Death Metal band Conjureth now have been able to deliver two EP’s and two full-length records since their inception in 2018. This steep working pace didn’t go to the expense of the offered quality, instead the great artwork, once again courtesy of Mark Erskine, already suggests that ‘The Parasitic Chambers’ is only a natural continuation of the band’s previous work.

Though stating that this new album is merely a continuation of the previous efforts is not doing the band much justice. In fact Conjureth has again stepped up in perfecting their brand of Death Metal. That the trio that recorded this album, as the band recently expanded to a four-some, knows their craft was already known. Their three previous recordings already proved as much.

Conjureth’s type of Death Metal is filled to its very brim with all sorts of wild and aggressive riffs as well as unparalleled tempo changes. The sonic attack that is ‘The Parasitic Chambers’ leaves you only very few moments to actually breathe and recapitalize, therefore it is definitely recommended to spin this album a few times to fully be able to wrap both your ears and head around it. All its intricacies and technical wizardry is simply too much for a single listen to fully grasp. No riff or theme is going to be there for more than only a handful of seconds, making the wild frenzy not suitable for musical backdrop while doing your dishes or so. But, instead, it offers you a very rewarding listen if you are willing to take the dive into the whirlwind of pulsating bass and drums and some of the most complex riffing in recent years.

If you are looking for Old School chugging riffs, you’d better try your luck elsewhere as you definitely need your Sherlock outfit to find them here. Oh yes, they do exist. But they are only to be found when you have the stamina and perseverance to get through all its wild fury and hysteria. But if you happen to love this sort of stuff, then ‘The Parasitic Chambers’ is such a rewarding experience. And, while at it, you might find some of the more straightforward, chugging riffs at the end of ‘In Mortal Thresholds’ for instance. But then again, they are only there for 6 seconds.

The band saved the most surprising part of the album for last. The album closing track ‘The Unworshipped II’ is, not quite unpredictable, a continuation of the song with the same name from the preceding album, ‘Majestic Dissolve’. This song is in stark contrast to the rest of the album, with a tempo so slow it is creeping up to Funeral Doom pace. It also has the same sort of more melodic riffs and a well-written lead. This song endorses the musical ingenuity of the musicians and clearly deepens the whole concept of the band. In doing so, it is also a lot better developed than the first part on the first album. Whether it really adds anything is, I guess, up to your own taste and frame of reference, but after such an exhaustive pounding, this is a welcome change and an atmospheric conclusion that also fits the artwork perfectly.

Musicality ‘The Parasitic Chamber’ is without a glimmer of a doubt again of an amazingly high level, but it might be considered a rather gruelling ride nonetheless. Therefore it is only recommended for those who are not averse to an excess of twisted riffs, bends and loops and who likes be challenged. To me personally, this is one of the highlights of these early months of 2023.

Memento Mori

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