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Tetragrammacide – Typho-Tantric Aphorisms from the Arachneophidian Qur’an

tetragrammacide – typho-tantric aphorisms from the arachneophidian qur’an


There exist certain pieces which a soul may gaze upon, try to delineate its structure,for with vision,we study its bodies,we try to imbue our own spirit into this vessel, in other words, we search for the meaning behind the physical, beyond the invisible. To truly grasp that within the moment as the mind copulates with the art,as the climax is reached, it is something truly remarkable, an ineffable experience to behold. However, what about such pieces where our minds cannot break down its soul, to reconfigure it to our own image, we trace it’s essence, like a tongue along the brine of naked skin, to feel it’s intoxication, yet it is the mystery that brings exhalation…the mere fact that one must traverse this labyrinth where it’s walls are ever changing, bestows a new meaning to the journey of this path in which the consciousness wanders upon.

“Typho-Tantric Aphorisms from the Arachneophidian Qur’an” , the album conjured forth and ushered into this physical plane by Tetragrammacide, attests to the aforementioned, wherein the sounds which manifest from the spores of Black and Death realms spurns a constellation mapped in the vibrations of sound for the mind to perceive, but it is in this trek to dissect the sounds, to dive into the stigmata and drink upon its wound, this…this in my opinion, brings about the sheer beauty that surrounds this offering.

A gnostic aura flows through the architecture of this being, for the fusion of both the chaos bred from the wombs of Black and Death Metal births an entity that feels conjured naught from a mortal mind nor does it carries traces of human emotions, rather it feels ancient in its reverberation. Tracks such as “Fundamental Reconciliation Between Maya and Yama Through Perpetual Okbish-Ouroboric Cunnilingus” renders itself to a perversion of seraphic essence, and this is not a negative, quite the contrary, the action of deconstructing,to tear down celestial pulchritude, in order to inject the atrament of the void within its veins,to snuff the stars and moon to plunder that which heralds light into total obsidian splendor…this alchemic property is true magick to behold. This very characteristic is woven into the fabric of this album, for the dissonance radiated from the dialogue between the percussion and strings gives forth a frenetic shape to the playing, retaining a feral spirit yet still fluid as it morphs to the command of the vocals. “Spectral Hyaenas of Amenta Howl, the Vulture of Ma’at Descends, and Tahuti Watches Without His Ape” and “Golden Ontological Embroideries of Pythagorean Meta-Geometries Sewn on the Blue Veil Surface of Nought” are testaments to where the vocals display an ancient candor to its expulsion, for at times it feels as though it is summoning the serpent that slithers from the aperture of the unknown, commanding it, entrancing it as the omen coils and devours that which is consecrated. In my opinion, the dichotomy amongst the instrumental portions is another zenith on this album, for it is within its ravenous delivery that you feel its pulsating rhythms giving forth a rather tangible experience.

If you wish to integrate yourself into this cacophony, to merge with its tendons and receive its transmission, then allow the mind to be fully immersed in its atmosphere, ceremented in its ceremonial arms, as you inhale the Psalms recited from another world.From the tongue of Tetragrammacide comes forth a weapon forged in sound, but it is naught the weapon of steel that cuts the flesh of man nor is it the flame that signals the impending doom, instead it is an unbridled force that infects the abode where celestial light dwells, it is an energy that desecrates the pious body to fill it’s chalice with its seed, spreading it’s esoteric terror.


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