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Byyrth – Cold Autumn Shadows [EP]

byyrth – cold autumn shadows [ep]


Byyrth brings forth a heavy, vampiric head splitter of an EP under Iron Bonehead Productions here, filled with Thrash and Death influenced Black Metal. This EP features the heaviest production ever utilized by Byyrth, as the group tends to employ a raw, noisy, and cold production style.

In this “Cold Autumn Shadows” release though, they push forward with brutal drums which are clearly heard in the mix, feeling similar to that of a modern Death Metal recording, while also simultaneously generating less noise and more crispness with the guitars. This feature brings a newer, heavier, and a more assaulting version of Raw Black Metal, giving the listener a feeling of vampiric dread, while simultaneously experiencing a brutal assault of shotgun snares and deep, pounding bass kicks. The guitars are clear and cold with many of the riffs being Punk and/or Thrash inspired. Tracks like “Sanguitorium” clearly exemplify this sound, with the track beginning with a Punk-style riff and continuing to progress in this fashion throughout the track. The vocals on this EP are haunting and purely negative in auditory nature, mostly consisting of high screeches and brutal screams. The vocals are nothing new for Byyrth, as the vocalist always brings this style to the table on all releases, but in this case, they fall behind the drums and guitars in the mix, echoing as if deep in a cave and transcending the heaviness of the instrumentation. This leaves the listening with the visualization of the deep woods, filled with vampiric spirits and stand-alone shadows and catacombs.

The title of this EP stands true to the music that lies within. Those three words: Cold. Autumn. Shadows. These words perfectly describe this Thrashy, Death influenced, Black Metal assault. This is a must listen for any fan of extreme music. This is great release, there is nothing negative to say. (NoahC)

Iron Bonehead Productions

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