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Adversvm – Aion Sitra Ahra

adversvm – aion sitra ahra

With one demo under the belt, the unknown 2 individuals behind Adversvm got the attention of Iron Bonehead Productions who was interested to sign the fellow Germans and release the debut full-length “Aion Sitra Ahra” and promote the end of time. The purpose of this mystical endeavour is to create art darker than Death Metal, Black Metal or Dark Ambient and to be a new black hole open to pull you into apocalypse…A journey to the doomsdays fire begins.

As you can read, this is a treat for the ones who embrace darkness with both hands and like their share of Funeral Doom Metal combined with Qliphoth spirituality. Musically you can excpect a combination of Thergothon, Disembowelment and Tyranny (their “Tides Of Awakening” album concerning synths for background ambiance) with slight psychedelic atmosphere as melancholy is a word that Adversvm despise, just darkness, death worship and hatred until the timeless void. Sit back and wait for the end… (Ricardo)