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Byyrth – Echoes from the Seven Caves of Blood

byyrth – echoes from the seven caves of blood

Raw Black Metal has still some fascination, at least when the atmosphere and attitude is right and first and foremost the song writing kills. This is the case with Byyrth from California. The duo plays a combination of punkish somehow melodic/dissonant old black metal and some occasional rock riffing shines through the ugly perverted wall of sound. 80/90s lovers of Black Metal (Darkthrone and the likes) should grab this immediately. The duo focuses more on straightforward thinking and atmosphere together, so don`t expect too lengthy songs or something like that. This is pure rawness, in terms of production as well. Slower beats with skank eruptions and double bass parts are all here,  as well as the single picked chords and power chord riff collages the nineties way are present. The vocals disturbing high so the lovers of old school should risk some ears. Posers leave. (DPF)