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Malakhim – Theion

malakhim – theion


Sweden and Black Metal….works right? Yes! Malakhim, a band from Västerbotten, was formed in 2016 and is preparing to unleash their first album “Theion” in 2021. With their 3 track demo entitled “Demo I” from 2017 they already showed up their potential and released one of the more promising demos recently. 1 year later their EP “II” marked the next step to increase their fame. This year they released a live recording “Hic Rugitus Cavernarum Terribilis” recorded at the House of Metal Festival in 2019, showing also their live ritual and how great this band is on a live sector.

Now next year a first highlight will be brought through Malakhim with “Theion”, mixing old (Swedish) Black Metal with some modern hints, be it the dissonance, the song-structures or the atmosphere. “Slither O Serpent” is just a prime example of cold Scandinavian Black Metal that breaths some fresh air from the depths of hell, well written, slithering…

The vocals got a wide range and keep things interesting in every way, using the right “voice” were it belongs. Mayhem? Roots? Watain? Or more islandic Black Metal? It’s all present, but done in a own fascinating way. I really like the single string chord pickings, very entrancing, dark and malevolent. (“Chalice of Ruin”).

“Theion” is a record that is melodic, somehow romantic and evil, frosty at the same time. (“His Voiceless Whisper” as a good example).

The more aggressive nature can be found on a track like “Hammer of Satan”, as the title suggests it crushes and hammers down the nails to the heavens, a fast and furious track who never looses the focus on groove and atmosphere, a balance Malakhim seem to master with ease. Love this track!

The titletrack is an epic Black Metal hymn, ready to seduce, to entrance, to call to arms, sometimes groovy, sometimes striking and paired with excellent melodies and transitions (Watain? Acherontas?) and doesn’t have to fear the big ones in the field. Brilliant song that has everything a Black Metal song should feature and beyond.

What else can be said? Fitting production and stellar artwork by Mitchell Nolte. Killer debut album and already a highlight for 2021. The Hammer of Satan is falling once again! (DPF)

Iron Bonehead Productions

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