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Pa Vesh En – Martyrs

pa vesh en – martyrs


Due to the high level of excellence that has already been showcased in his three previous album, plus various EP and demo releases since 2017, there is a great air of expectation around the fourth full length album release from Belarusian Raw Black Metal solo project Pa Vesh En. Whilst PVE has been featured many times on this hallowed site, this is in truth my first time experiencing this vitriolic project from Grodno. To be released on both CD and LP by Iron Bonehead Productions in May, this new opus goes by the simple title of ‘Martyrs’ and from the very beginning takes no time at all in creating a breeding ground for everything dark, inhospitable and harsh!

I’m always wary of Raw Black Metal releases as many bands or artists use that banner as an excuse to release shitty music from their basement that has no viable reason for existing. Not so Pa Vesh En and ‘Martyrs’ whose gloomy, brooding atmosphere caught a hold of my attention right away. My favourite attributes of this surprisingly quick album is the heavy use of snarling bass tones and the vocals which slither and writhe out of a perpetual, agonized gloom. I’m also a big fan of the drumming style which also has to climb out of the thick, cloying atmosphere to be heard, and goes on to create a cacophony of rampant noise that relies heavily on symbol crashes to complete an unnerving, harsh aural monstrosity! I haven’t forgotten about the guitar work though. Whether it be slow, deliberate riffs or searching, seething guitar leads, they combine superbly with the rest of this smorgasbord of bitter, bleak sound to create something truly engaging and fascinating to those who like this kind of music, but something terrifying and sinister to the uninitiated.

Iron Bonehead Productions

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