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Concilivm – A Monument In Darkness [Re-Release]

concilivm – a monument in darkness [re-release]


With their ‘The Veiled Enigma’ EP, the duo that together form the Death Metal band Concilivm came up with their first achievement after their formation in 2017. However, it took until 2022 before they were ready to release their debut album. The EP has been (re-)released on both cassette tape and CD through various labels, but this first full-length album is being released on the much-acclaimed Iron Bonehead Productions label.

Iron Bonehead Productions, no stranger to the Chilean territories of extreme metal, is said to have a particularly well-developed nose for metal from those South American regions. While the label has amply proven that statement more than once, I am having a bit of trouble placing ‘A Monument In Darkness’ in the same line with the best of the label’s South American releases. Having head it quite a couple of times I can say that it is not at all a bad album, but in the end of the ride it is hard to come up with anything that left a lasting impression. The music is just a bit too standard to really impress. Sure, it is well played and well-recorded, but in the end I am sure that anyone who has listened to it a few times will not recognize anything if it is played to them half a year later. The Old School tinged Death Metal just follows the same old paths and basically offers nothing to challenge the listener, not in terms of song writing nor in originality.

While it is definitely not necessary to be original, nor be excellent song writers, but if you can not offer any of the two, things are doomed to get bogged down in the swamps of oblivion. And while I certainly didn’t consider it a punishment to listen to this album, I’m pretty sure that with time we’ll find this debut record of the Chileans in the swamp of forgotten albums.


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