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Black Edifice – The Miasmic Trance [EP]

black edifice – the miasmic trance [ep]


When I first read the name of this new Norwegian band, my thoughts immediately went to Dream Death, this American cult band has a song of the same name on their “classic” debut album. However, the music on ‘The Miasmic Trance’, which comes to us on a tape limited to 100 copies via the Iron Bonehead Productions label, has almost nothing to do with Dream Death…

What this anonymous entity does have in common with Dream Death is their penchant for the dark and occult. However, Black Edifice draw their inspiration from a completely different angle and channel it into a kind of Black Metal that can best measure up to bands like Barathrum, Samael, Varathron, Mystifier and Mortuary Drape and the best bands from the current Belgian Black Scene: Forbidden Temple, Gouffre, Perverted Ceremony and Moenen Of Xezbeth. In short, these Norwegians also bring a shimmering, dark ambience that brews throughout the entire 24 minutes. Primarily due to the atmospheric use of keyboards and the organic overall sound, the music has an obvious emphasis on leaving an evil atmosphere and does not lean on modern contrarian riffs or an excess of blast beats. In doing so, it ties in with the aforementioned bands and shows itself to be averse to trends or any kind of modernity, in fact, well-suited to the cover of this EP that could have appeared on an 80’s demo just like that.

Despite the fact that the music sounds so authentic that it could actually have been one of those late-80’s demos and the band clearly has nothing on the modern world, it fits very well into a newly reborn niche in the Black Metal scene. The aforementioned Belgian bands provide an excellent example of this, but also a band like the some years ago revived Baxaxaxa or the new generation of American bands like Vengeance Sorcery (though that has a somewhat more Punk base are proof that there is still more than enough room for the ancient sound.

Black Edifice

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