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Necroven – Worship of Humilation

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Mr. Reina has got quite a busy year. After releasing 2 tape demos in January en February, we now witness his first full length called “Worship of Humilation”, released by Spanish label Memento Mori. If you are into modern sounding death metal with a sparkle clear production and a bit of a deathcore vocalist, you will scare the beejeebers with this one! Pitchblack old school, mostly midtempo and sometimes a bit uptempo (like “Ancient Rites Conjuration”), death metal with a doom vibe, and poetically spoken by Reina’s monotous low growl. Nothing original can be heard on tracks like “Enclosed in a Dead Soul Dimension” and “Malediction in Dormant Obscurity”, still it’s performed quite convincing. The American influences of Incantation and Deteriorot are not strange to mention concerning the heavy midtempo Doom/Death on “Worship of Humilation”. When the speed fasteners, I hear the British scene (Bolt Thrower) and a bit of Avulsed during their “Stabwound Orgasm”-era in the riffs. Memento Mori has a thing or two with this kind of death metal, as the band Ataraxy on their rooster, is a fine example as well. The album is closed with a cover of Unconsecrated, Spanish answer to Swedish Death Metal, from their “Slave to the Grave” EP. Fine debut Mr. Reina!(Ricardo)