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Rapture [GRE] – Paroxysm of Hatred

rapture [gre] – paroxysm of hatred

If you want your Thrash Metal aggressive and in the vein of the end 1980s, Rapture from Greece will rip your neighbour’s face off when the volume is at 11! Normally one will end a review with such a phrase, but I’m enjoying this one a bit too much so sue me if I’m a bit enthusiastic about “Paroxysm of Hatred”. After 2 Eps the fellows from a country that makes a bloody delicious Gyros Sandwich aka Pita Gyros decided to join Witches Brew to release their debut in 2015. An EP and a split with Toxic Carnage later….Kapow! The second full-length! So I mentioned the end of the 1980s…well, when it comes to the riffs and the buildup of the songs I have an immediate huge Kreator’s “Extreme Aggression”. But you will also hear traces of Demolition Hammer’s “Tortured Existence”, Sadus and Pestilence’s “Malleus Maleficarum” as well due certain pace changes and the way Rapture approaches their songwriting. There are some slight Old School Death Metal parts on the album as well. When you listen to the great closing track “Paroxysm of Hatred: Revelation” you will hear a fast riff that has similarities with Morbid Angel’s “Visions from the Dark Side”. But overall: Thrash dominates and it is money well spent on this one. (Ricardo)