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Decomposed – Devouring

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If you have read our first issue, you would probably remember the fact that I enjoyed the self-titled debut of Decomposed (released by Blood Harvest) so much, that I have interviewed the lads. Being the pleasant and delirious person that I am, main man Jesper Ekstål asked me if I received their new album, if not…If I would like to receive it directly from him? As declining quality Death Metal is not in my DNA, I agreed his offer with a smile and was curious about “Devouring”. Let me tell y’all, it’s a direct hit! Everything is still Old School Swedish Death Metal with a huge touch of Autopsy groove. And although the band itself didn’t really agree in the interview, I still want to mention God Macabre again for the slow doom parts. Where others lack in variation of riffs, Decomposed manages to keep every track interesting. With “Boiling Blood” they even have a darken instrumental with a nice lead in it. A bit unexpected but a welcome track nevertheless as it fits in just fine. I really want to point out the last track, “Decomposition”, as it is slow, doomy and haunting and brings the best of Decomposed to the surface. I even have the feeling that Decomposed try to walk the path of Tribulation “The Formulas of Death” without the 70’s psychedelic and oriental influences. It’s less progressive and Decomposed keeps it closer to their core-business, sort of speak, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this would be the main style on their third album. I’m impressed! As a whole Decomposed has evolved but still has the authentic early 1990s vibe as focus, and everything just very well played. Excellent follow-up! (Ricardo)


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