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Nekromanteion – The Sinister Flame [Demo / Re-Release]

nekromanteion – the sinister flame [demo / re-release]


Nekromanteion from Bolivia came to my path with their split 7” EP with Nebiros (2014) and the following ‘Cosmic Horrors’ 7” EP from 2015, both released by Iron Bonehead Productions. I was specifically intrigued by the band’s authentic approach of the Black/Death Metal genre, very much in line with the South American tradition yet with a bit of a wider ranger of obvious influences as well. Though I missed their most recent split tape with Impurity, I was glad to see the band return with a new release. ‘The Sinister Flame’ is a demo which saw the darkness of night through a self-released tape version by the end of 2023 but now sees a wider distribution by their long-term companions of Iron Bonehead Productions.

‘The Sinister Flame’ offers almost two tracks of new material, together totalling almost 13 minutes and although I did miss that 2017-released split with Impurity I am glad to notice that those five long years of silent didn’t do all that much to the band’s formula.

Nekromanteion is still finding that tipping point of occult sounding Mortuary Drape/Barathrum and early Samael and the almost Ross Bay Cult barbarism, all poured in a veil of rawness and mysticism. Although the band does sport the same sort of brutality as on their previous releases, on ‘The Sinister Flame’ the balance tends to tilt much more to the gloomy and occult side of things. There is much less Sarcófago or Blasphemy to be discerned than on the ‘Cosmic Horrors’ 7” EP for instance. Having opted for a sound that fits more to the title of this demo, it seems like the band is looking for a way to creep up more to the early Mortuary Drape/Varathron/Mystifier sort of feel. That includes a more organic guitar tune and a higher sense for dynamics. The latter means that besides the wilder and faster parts, that still echoes the band’s roots, there are also slower and more doomy passages that enlarge the overall occult feeling of these two tracks. Besides this, and the cover already hints to it a bit already, this new recipe even has a certain early Grand Belial’s Key aura to it, incorporating some more variety with keyboards and melodies.

If this demo says something about the direction the band is heading to, the next Nekromanteion release might very well be something that is able to surprise. Even though the musical core of the band, for now, seems to remain intact, it feels like the band is ready for a further musical shift. Judging on what is on offer on ‘The Sinister Flame’ they are positioning themselves amongst the bands from the current Belgian scene, such as Moenen Of Xezbeth, Forbidden Temple or Perverted Ceremony. Also the Norwegian Black Edifice (also Iron Bonehead Productions) and a band like Baxaxaxa does not feel all too far away. Pretty good company, if you’d ask me.


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