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Temple Desecration – Whirlwinds of Fathomless Chaos

temple desecration – whirlwinds of fathomless chaos


Go to school, get a job, get your own place, find a spouse, have children, get old, take medicine, die. Get up every day at the certain time, go to work, obey the boss, come home, spend time with family, do work in and around the house, keep your car clean, eat healthy, drink enough water etc. Everything we are and do, demands order and everything moving away from the order we’re supposed to be following is frowned upon. But deep down everyone needs a certain chaos, since following orders and stay in the lines of order can become overwhelming. All that order demands a taste of chaos, just so we can get back in line with what world and life demand from us. This is where, for a lot of us, music, especially metal comes in.

Creating chaotic music is certainly not a job everyone can do (a lot of people try, yet very little are capable of composing sounds impersonating our innermost chaotic primal being). Meet Temple Desecration, polish bestial blackened Death Metal band who have found the right way how to mix all the destructive and toxic elements of metal we love so much into their music and present the addictive concoction on their debut, “Whirlwind of Fathomless Chaos”.

While the music is bestial, ferocious and plain cruel, laying toxic vocals between vile guitar attacks, merciless bass and brutal drumming, unpredictably changing pace and rhythm, combining it with sounds that most often sound like otherwordly brain drilling, it’s also cathartic and passionate. This is one of those albums capable of taking your mind into another reality, but it’s certainly not for everyone who think they’re capable of getting their minds around it, just because they like their music chaotic. If you like Teitanblood, Adversarial or Impetuous Ritual, this is definitely one you should give your attention to. (Black Mary)

Temple Desecration

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