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Witch Vomit – A Scream from the Tomb Below

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Debut album from this Oregon based death metal trio called Witch Vomit, released just in April 2016 in CD format via Memento Mori but also in a old fashioned format as is the tape courtesy of Headsplit Recs. Very connected with the old straight forward and pretty crude form of Death Metal, Witch Vomit delivers on this record a brutal assault of musical heaviness combined with cavernous vocals and a very convenient dose of mid paced passages pretty connected with some of the Swedish fathers such as Unleashed or maybe in less proportion Grave. It is remarkable that the vocalist is also part of Torture Rack, another band signed by Memento Mori, however, if you’ve been given the chance to listen, Witch vomit differs in terms of sound production and even more in terms of composition, given that Witch Vomit is much more into the old parameters of the genre, is much more traditional if I am allowed to use the term. Conceptually speaking, these fellas deal with the expectable topics such as blasphemies, darkness, malevolence…and so…that’s why we find interesting songs such as “Witch Cunt”, “Primal Rite of Death” or the closing “Twisted Altar of Sin”. With about half hour long, this short and nice piece of classic dirty death metal should please for sure those followers of the early 90s bands where more than musical skills, the whole thing was fueled of attitude. I couldn’t say this is remarkable from any stand point, is one of those items you hear and say it’s pretty cool but more than that, nothing else. (Master Butcher)