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Torture Rack – Barbaric Persecution

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From Portland here we have this very interesting and brutal entity called TORTURE RACK with their full debut album called BARBARIC PERSECUTION which originally was released by HEADSPLIT RECS in tape format and four months later got reissued in CD by Memento Mori Recs. A very crude form death metal straight to the vein is what this quartet spits forth. With a very accoustic (crude) sound production, TORTURE RACK comes with a proposal that musically wise we can easily connect with some of the classic undergrounds acts emerged from the States in the 90s decade…for example, the creepy and slow passages the songs have, remind me strongly the mighty SOLEMN…remember?…that killer demo “Asaru Brethern”, well that’s part of what you get with these fellas…but on the other hand, there are some grindcore passages evoking the old approach of that band thar probably the older ones will remember… ZOMBIFIED PREACHERS OF GORE…so, what I’m saying here is that TORTURE RACK plays a very basic form of death with emphazis in slow obscure parts mixed with mid tempo bridges which keep the listener’s attention all the way thru…innovative…not…original…even less…but really well played, conceived and packed thinking basically on how to pay tribute that obscure and creepy form of death metal made in the States during the early 90s…and being my self a fan of such approach…I can say…these guys know their job pretty damn well. I can’t say any of the elements is remarkable or may stand above the rest…not at all…the voices are really good thou…but I wouldn’t say are the most brutal or vicious I’ve heard…the same with the drumming…so I think the strenght of these guys comes from the combination of the different elements…pure sinergy. So, there you are…if you look for a very dirty form of well done US death metal, don’t think twice and get your hands on this nice piece of modern underground. (Master Butcher)

Memento Mori

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