Extreme Metal Fanzine est. 2012

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Serpent Spawn – Crypt of Torment [EP]

serpent spawn – crypt of torment [ep]

A new formation by old geezers of the German scene; this power trio beholds (ex-) members of Blood, Dawn and Malaphar, and if you don’t know the last two ones, they were Death Metal bands active in the 90s.

Although there isn’t a lot of information present at the moment, by following the musical paths of the members, one could say that Serpent Spawn is the result of a couple of old friends talking about Old School Death Metal and how cool it would be to record a couple of tunes again. And when they talked about Old School Death Metal, they were talkin’ about the US influences of the early 90s with their riffs, double vocals and hard hitting drums.

“Crypt of Torment” is something to check out if you’re a fan of early Deicide, Monstrosity, Sinister and Malevolent Creation. (Ricardo)