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Pa Vesh En – Pyrefication

pa vesh en – pyrefication

I do this thing on social media where I’ll post a link of a newly released record I became smitten with and write the Slovenian word for screaming next to the consecutive number on my end of the year list. Pa Vesh En has been on the verge of falling into this group of extraordinary releases since the end of 2017 when I first heard his demo ‘Knife Ritual’, but never actually making the cut. No matter how much I loved his releases, I always had the feeling something is missing (I usually blamed myself because I dislike Depressive Black Metal vocals) and decided to wait for his next release to see what happens. And it finally happened.

Murky and dark soundscape quickly stirs itself into a combination of ambient synths, melodic guitars and piercing depressive black metal screams. This is the concoction which will lead us through the rest of the album, occasionally mixed with some raw sounding blast beats, some faster tremolo picking and even some clean vocals, throat singing and whispering. The tempo varies from slow to mid paced and briefly also fast, and yes, everything is spiced up with lo-fi production.

If this is by any means the first time you’re listening to Pa Vesh En, you’ll get to listen to his best work to date (because every of his releases is the best to date, trust me) and you have a lot of homework to do. If you’re familiar with his work, you know what you’re gonna get and yet, you’ll be surprised. This guy seriously knows his craft. (Black Mary)