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Azathoth’s Dream – Nocturnal Vampyric Bewitchment

azathoth’s dream – nocturnal vampyric bewitchment


Earlier this year I was pretty impressed by the American Black Metal band Luring, brought to us by Iron Bonehead Productions. The mystic and haunting Black Metal on Luring’s second album found its way to my eardrums quite regularly, so my interest was immediately aroused when I saw that Lord Azathoth from Luring is also active together in this new act. While the music on offer is slightly different, it is again the German jack of all trades Iron Bonehead who is responsible for presenting these 30 minutes of intriguing Black Metal on a piece delightfully black wax.

With a band name and album title like this, it is not really hard to guess that we are dealing with some regressive Black Metal very reminiscent of those late 90’s. Lord Azathoth, or simply L.A., guides us past Lovecraftian tales and vampires legends and drapes them with Raw and Atmospheric Black Metal. As if time stood still. With these themes and musical description it might not surprise that the duo bear strong resemblances with bands like Satanic Warmaster and Drowning The Light. Moody and melancholic keyboards form the framework in which the band paints its black-and-white dark art, romantic and nocturnal. Take a listen to ‘A Millenia Perished’ for instance, this is more than a friendly nod to Azgorh’s creation, this particular track leans most on Drowning The Light’s musical heritage. But while the 28-minute album embraces every aspect of the genre’s philosophy and musical DNA, it doesn’t exactly sound like a too cheap sort of copycat. Without a doubt, it is the convincing authenticity that saves the band from mediocrity. To this, you can also freely add the little details that L.A. adds to the tried-and-tested musical recipe. For instance, the recurring grinding riff in ‘Extinguish The Light’ (another unmissable reference to ‘Drowning The Light’) is slightly reminiscent of the French Black Metal scene of the mid-90’s.

Just as Luring could so fittingly be described as a true and genuine ride through the nostalgic 90’s scene of Black Metal, this same description fits Azathoth’s Dream perfectly. The captivating melodies, thick layers of Dungeon Synth/Dark Ambient, repetitive riffs and raspy vocals fit exactly within all the prevailing aesthetics of this particular niche in the Black Metal genre. From Azathoth’s Dream, you don’t have to expect any real new angles or world changing musical ideas, this very convincing talent has clearly been solely concerned with putting his devotion to the dark arts into a musical form.

Iron Bonehead Productions

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