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Disciples of Power – Omega Prophecy [Re-Release]

disciples of power – omega prophecy [re-release]

Three years after their debut, in 1992 the second album titled “Ominous Prophecy” was released by these Canadians. Like in many other bands, also the original line-up has changed where vocalist Hart Bachmier takes over the bass-lines instead of Chris Chapman , and a new guitarist named Wes Sontag enters the stage while Maurice Williams left the camp. So yes, they were reduced to a threesome on this album.

Did this affect their music style? Nope, not really, cause again a more than decent Thrash/Death album is written by those guys. Is it as good as its predecessor? Therefore I have to put in my joker, cause I’m not as thrilled as listening to “Powertrap”. The vocals sound a bit more murk, but technically seen they again hit the nails with some outstanding tracks (“Nature’s Fury…” and closer “Eternal Purgatory”) that proves their technical ability and songwriting. More slower parts are inserted on this album that sometimes diminishes the experience, but overall seen again a more than decent release. Re-released on 12” vinyl through the Blood Harvest label, on disc via VIC Records if you’re interested. (Fredde)